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"Let There Be Dark"

Is the streetlight in front of your debtors house bothering you?

Did you know that if you hit the streetlight with your spotlight for just one second the streetlight will shut off thinking that it is daytime? It will then take about 5 to 10 minutes for the light to reset and come back on! Plenty of time for you to repossess your vehicle under the complete cover of darkness.

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Welcome to is a collection of tips and tricks for the skip tracing community. We also have links to websites that offer searches or assistance to skip tracers, repossessors, and bounty hunters.

Skip Tracing is the process of finding someone who is trying to remain hidden. Kind of like hide and seek for adults, except that when you are found, your car is repossessed, you get arrested, or some other part of your past catches up with you.

Skip Tracers use computer databases to obtain most of the data that is used to hunt a missing person. Occasionally a skip tracer will use trickery and deceit on the telephone to obtain the location their skip is hiding at. Repo-Links will help you find new data resources for skip tracing and repossession.

This website is for the the people who hunt other people for a living. Check back often as we are always adding new skip tracing information and skip tracing tips.

Repossession Information - Repo Tips
Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006

Most phone breaks are now illegal. The Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act (TRPPA) imposes a 10 year Federal prison term. has added a TRPPA information page to help repossessors and skip tracers know exactly what is legal, and what is illegal.

Repossession Information - Repo Tips
Directory of Repossession Companies, and Repossessors

Repo Links has added a nationwide directory of repossession companies and repossessors that have a proven track record of getting the job done. This is not just a listing of repossessors, this is a listing of the best, repossessors in the United States and Canada.

Contact Repo Links today to get your company listed in our directory of repossession professionals. Make your repossession web site available to bankers, lawyers, and credit unions that are looking for a repossessor in your service area.

Repossession Information - Repo Tips
Skip Tracing Blog

Repo Links is creating a Blog for skip tracers, repossessors, and bounty hunters. It is a moderated Blog open to any subjects related to skip tracing, repossessions and bounty hunting. Skip tracing resources and changes in laws that affect skip tracing and repossession are open subjects for discussion.

This Blog should be a tool to improve all of our skip tracing and repossession skills. A forum to discuss new databases, and skip tracing techniques. Character assaults and disparaging comments will not be approved by the moderator. Lets keep the conversation positive and enlightening.

We are also adding a forum for employers to post help wanted information, and for skip tracers to post employment wanted information. Check back soon for new job postings.

Repossession Information - Repo Tips
Help Find Missing Children

How many children do you see in an average week? Ever wonder if any of them are missing or abducted children? There are thousands of missing and abducted children in the United States. Please spend five minutes at one of the following websites to see if you recognize any of the missing children featured.

You could possibly be the person that has seen one of these children walking down the street, at the local grocery store or playing in the park. You are a HERO, just for taking the time to look. This is a great opportunity to help out in your community without a tremendous investment of time or commitment. Please give the children 5 minutes of your time.

Please look to see if you recognize any of these missing children.


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